Why retailers benefit from the advantage of HUBBED Click & Collect

Previously online shopping was predicted to be 16-18% of total retail by 2025, it is already 15% in 2020 due to accelerated growth [1]. Australian consumers are moving to online shopping more than ever, with the numbers dramatically increasing since the impact of COVID-19. Unprecedented purchases are impacting service delivery, yet customer expectations are increasing.

Customers are highly sensitive to the online shopping experience, they do more research, they want more payment options, and they want more delivery solutions. Delivery options such as fast shipping, same day delivery, free shipping, and alternatives to home delivery are becoming more prevalent in Australia. Since March 2020 this year till September 2020, the number of Click and Collect shoppers grew by an average of 20% [2].

It’s no surprise that Australia has kickstarting the use of the Click and Collect model, often referred to as BOPIS (Buy Online, Pick Up in Store), being led by key enterprise stores such as Coles, Woolworths, and Kmart.

Today, we want to announce a new aspect of the HUBBED network, our ecommerce plugins for HUBBED Click & Collect. Online retailers can now include our 2000+ locations in their shopping carts creating additional delivery options for customers to collect parcels at a time convenient for them due to locations being available 24/7, extended hours and over the weekend.

Who is HUBBED?
If you’re new to hearing our name, HUBBED is a parcel pick-up and drop-off network (PUDO) with 2000+ trusted collection points in Australia. We have a network of reputable brands where customers can collect their parcels at extended hours locations and selected 24/7 collection points. Our collection points are made up of national and global brands across key retail verticals; convenience, smart parcel lockers, petrol, self-storage, packaging logistics, automotive, and printing.

Have you ever been to a BP, 7-Eleven, or news agency to collect your parcel due to a missed delivery or redirection? Well, that was HUBBED behind the scenes! HUBBED technology powers missed deliveries, Click & Collect, parcel drop off and returns.

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