How HUBBED is emerging in the eCommerce industry

With the rise of eCommerce in Australia, data from Emarsys shows year on year online shopping was growing at 11%. [1] The pandemic boosted growth to 56% mid-March and accelerated to 116% in May. YOY growth continues to trend upwards of 50% as restrictions eased across the country late June 
The COVID-19 crisis has created a material shift in consumer shopping behaviourleading to omni-channel opportunities for bricks and mortar retailers. With the sudden increase in density of online orders from Marchcarriers have had to adjust to the recent demand of staying efficient and delivering parcels on time. How can couriers ensure they are keeping up with the demands of consumers 

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Who is HUBBED?  

HUBBED is an Australian company with a parcel network of 2000+ trusted pick- up and drop- off (PUDO) locations nationwide. We support enterprise logistics and carriers by providing cohesion between retailers, carriers, and consumers with our PUDO locations. We enhance the last mile delivery experience in eCommerce by providing Click & Collect, Returns, and Carrier Missed Delivery solutions 

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Why are we here?  

HUBBED started with a simple objective, provide a better way for consumers to experience parcel collection  

We focused on the last mile experience. For carriers, we offer sustainable delivery options that reduce shipping costs and thus increase customer satisfaction. We give the consumer control though choice and convenience to collect their parcels.  

HUBBED Founder and CEO David McLean says: “HUBBED has enabled time-poor businesses greater flexibility in their parcel drop-off and collection schedules. Online retailers that don’t have a storefront also benefit by using our parcel network of more than 2000 locations as ‘Click & Collect’ locations.”

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What we do?  

We offer technology solutions to help carriers and their online merchant partners to seamlessly integrate into the HUBBED PUDO network.  

  • Providing a network of convenient PUDO locations. 
  • Delivering Click & Collect and Returns solutions. 
  • Reducing last mile costs via consolidated deliveries. 
  • Improving delivery time frames. 
  • Improving NPS through better consumer experience. 
  • Providing easy integration through PUDO (Pick Up and Drop Off) platform connectors and eCommerce hosted solutions. 
  • Providing connectors to eCommerce consumer applications. 

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How we help?  

The HUBBED PUDO network offers carriers a cost-effective solution for parcel pick up and drop off by customers.  

  • No more consumer missed deliveries 
  • Consumer delivery choice  
  • Compliments the daily schedule of today's online shoppers
  •  Local and secure pick-up locations 
  •  Convenient locations within 3km of a customer's home or workplace
  •  Improves customer satisfaction
  •  Increase consumer conversion in merchant shopping carts
  • Cost efficiencies for carriers and merchants via consolidated deliveries
  • Benefits the environment by reducing carrier carbon footprint 

What is the last mile delivery problem?  

The last mile delivery problem helped establish the HUBBED business idea. It is quite simple, the last mile delivery is the movement of goods from a transportation hub to the final delivery destination. Of course, the courier wants to deliver the parcels to the customer as efficiently and sustainably as possible, but the last mile can affect their delivery. [2] Did you know that 41% of supply chain costs is related to the last mile? 

The HUBBED PUDO Network provides increased order density for carriers which drives improvements in cost and more efficient delivery. For Merchants, the network improves upon their limited delivery options for Click & Collect and Returns. 

Who we work with?  

The HUBBED PUDO network offers 2000+ locations with secure over the counter services and smart parcel lockers for consumers to receive their packages. 

Our agent network enables consumers to pick up their parcels when it is convenient for them with 24/7 services. Operating as collection points enables consumers to pick up their parcels at a convenient time for them and provides help to the local retailers bringing in foot traffic to buy goods. Let us be real, you might as well get a quick snack as you pick-up or drop-off your parcelhubbed aget network  Are you outside of Australia? Are you a new courier? Are you a small business? Well here is the great news, HUBBED is a carrier agnostic company and can service deliveries from any logistics carrier internationally and domestically.  

We are fully scalable and continue to expand our network and grow worldwide connectionsHUBBED powers Click & Collect for DHL, Couriers Please, TOLL, Sendle, TNT, FedEx & UPS 

Want to partner with us? Contact us 

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How does our technology work?  

HUBBED technology makes it easy for our carrier partners and online merchant partners to access the HUBBED PUDO network.  

The HUBBED eCommerce applications provides various features that keeps the carrier, consumer, and merchant updated on deliveries and pick-ups. Humble brag, but have we mentioned that our technology integrates with some of the most used eCommerce platforms?  

  • Shopifya complete commerce platform that lets you start, grow, and manage a business for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems 
  • Magentoempowers thousands of retailers and brands with the best eCommerce platforms and flexible cloud solutions to rapidly innovate and grow. 
  • Woo Commerce- an open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress, it is designed for small to large-sized online merchants using WordPress. 

eCommerce application features the following capabilities:  

  • Status Update on all consignments. 
  • Parcel management. 
  • Inflight consignment delivery changes. 
  • Merchant and carrier integration. 
  • Returns management. 
  • Consumer feedback capture. 
  • Improved consumer notifications. 
  • Scheduled pick up and drop off. 

Did you know we are carbon neutral?  

Have we mentioned HUBBED is a carbon neutral organisationWe find this a particularly crucial element to help with industries reduce carbon emissions. HUBBED is certified by the Carbon Reduction Institute. By offering HUBBED PUDO locations, merchants and carriers can help the environment by reducing the number of vehicle trips with consolidated deliveries. 

 Last thoughts 

As online shopping continues to rise and change the dynamic of the eCommerce industry, brick and mortar stores will need to be prepared for a new strategy offering customers more choice and convenience. The HUBBED parcel collection point network continues to grow, as will the rise of a consumer choice to get parcels delivered in time.  

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[1] Emarsys 2020, ‘COVID-19 Commerce Insight’: 

[2] Capgemini Research Institute, Last-mile delivery executive survey, October–November 2018