Why retailers benefit from the advantage of HUBBED Click & Collect

Previously online shopping was predicted to be 16-18% of total retail by 2025, it is already 15% in 2020 due to accelerated growth [1]. Australian consumers are moving to online shopping more than ever, with the numbers dramatically increasing since the impact of COVID-19. Unprecedented purchases are impacting service delivery, yet customer expectations are increasing.

Customers are highly sensitive to the online shopping experience, they do more research, they want more payment options, and they want more delivery solutions. Delivery options such as fast shipping, same day delivery, free shipping, and alternatives to home delivery are becoming more prevalent in Australia. Since March 2020 this year till September 2020, the number of Click and Collect shoppers grew by an average of 20% [2].

It’s no surprise that Australia has kickstarting the use of the Click and Collect model, often referred to as BOPIS (Buy Online, Pick Up in Store), being led by key enterprise stores such as Coles, Woolworths, and Kmart.

Today, we want to announce a new aspect of the HUBBED network, our ecommerce plugins for HUBBED Click & Collect. Online retailers can now include our 2000+ locations in their shopping carts creating additional delivery options for customers to collect parcels at a time convenient for them due to locations being available 24/7, extended hours and over the weekend.

Who is HUBBED?
If you’re new to hearing our name, HUBBED is a parcel pick-up and drop-off network (PUDO) with 2000+ trusted collection points in Australia. We have a network of reputable brands where customers can collect their parcels at extended hours locations and selected 24/7 collection points. Our collection points are made up of national and global brands across key retail verticals; convenience, smart parcel lockers, petrol, self-storage, packaging logistics, automotive, and printing.

Have you ever been to a BP, 7-Eleven, or news agency to collect your parcel due to a missed delivery or redirection? Well, that was HUBBED behind the scenes! HUBBED technology powers missed deliveries, Click & Collect, parcel drop off and returns.

HUBBED Collection Points 
We work with major carriers including DHL, Couriers Please, FedEx, TOLL, TNT & UPS to deliver to HUBBED collection points all across Australia. One of our key differentiators is that we use an agnostic business model so that we can work with any carrier. We have a key focus on compliance so the process and experience remains consistent across the network.

HUBBED Carrier Partners logos together -1Now that we covered the bases, let’s talk about what’s really in the market today--Click and Collect

What is HUBBED Click & Collect?
Click & Collect powered by HUBBED enables online retailers to provide more options for consumers to collect parcels through our network of 2000+ locations across Australia direct from their online website check out.

See how easy it is to use our solution in this video.

Benefits of HUBBED Click & Collect for retailers

1. Give your customers more delivery choices  
Convenience and control are becoming more relevant to the consumer. What if you could offer your customers another option at checkout? By giving consumers more independence to pick up their items at a collection point, they can be reassured that their items will be secure. Assurance and peace of mind for the consumer are a huge consideration to make the whole delivery experience positive so that they continue to shop with your brand.

Choice, convenience, and control is part of the HUBBED advantage. One of our customers and collection points in the network, BP petrol stations, use HUBBED technology to power their online Click and Collect solution.

A spokesperson at BP says that, “At BP, we have been using the Hubbed Click and Collect technology solution in our Shopify online store which enables interested customers to direct their parcels to BP locations nationwide for convenience in collection. The process of collection is straight forward with customers being correctly notified of the status of their parcels and collection details.”

What we’ve seen being in the ecommerce industry is that consumers in Australia are buying more online. Based on HUBBED recent survey results, “Two-thirds (65%) of Australians say they will shop more online than in-store during the next 12 months.” [3] Will carriers be able to keep up with the high demand? The carriers we work with use our network when they can to make sure they deliver in time, reduce their trips, and be as efficient as possible.

2. Increase shopping cart conversion
HUBBED Click & Collect is a simple way to enhance the experience consumers receive when they get to the final stage of the purchasing decision, and one of the most important elements—the checkout stage. This make or break point determines whether a consumer will complete the purchase or abandon the cart.

Shopping cart abandonment is a challenge that ecommerce companies continuously face. “In March 2020 alone, 88% of online shopping orders were abandoned at check-out – primarily because of inflexible delivery options or costs.” [3] Offering more flexibility to the customer tends to support future sales and customer satisfaction.

Ease your customer into the purchasing decision by providing them with a clear path on how they can get their parcels delivered through alternatives to home delivery. HUBBED provides communication the whole way through as will the carrier to ensure the customer knows what is happening until they get the glorious collection notification. We believe communication is key in improving the collection experience.

3. Help the environment
Click & Collect reduces missed delivery queries and last mile costs. When your customers choose collection points, it actually benefits the environment by reducing the number of trips taken by the courier and congestion. An easy way to think about it is that when couriers drop off 20 parcels in one go at a collection point, they don’t need to make those additional one-off trips just to deliver items individually at separate addresses. Each time a courier has to make a second or third delivery attempt, it actually ends up costing an average of $10 to make another trip along with the carbon emissions produced. [4] When consumers collect their parcels, most likely they are already going somewhere else along the way.

Efficient delivery drives down shipping costs from carriers, reduces congestion and emissions, and helps keep customers happy when they receive a flawless experience. HUBBED is certified as a carbon neutral organisation by the Carbon Reduction Institute in Australia. In fact, carriers who work with HUBBED can be automatically certified as a carbon reducing organisation since they are using our collection points to consolidate deliveries.

4. Easy setup and launch
If you’re a retailer, you’re most likely hosting on an ecommerce platform such as Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce etc. Well good news, we partnered with various eCommerce platforms in the market to ensure online retailers could integrate with the plugin from their preferred ecommerce platform.

As part of our mission, we like to make it easy for retailers to connect with us. We currently offer the four applications: Neto(coming this week), Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce in each app store and continue to expand platforms based on our users.

To find our service, retailers can search for HUBBED Click & Collect and download and install the application to their online store.

How to get access to the HUBBED network?
1. Sign up for a HUBBED account for under $10 a month here.
2. Connect the Click & Collect application to your preferred eCommerce platform.
3. Launch Click & Collect on your website in the shopping cart.
For the first month, enjoy a 30-day free trial. Sign up here.

Benefits of HUBBED Click & Collect for consumers
1. Choice
Choice when to collect your parcels and the location that's easiest for you. Enjoy collecting your parcels on a day and time that suits your own schedule near your suburb or workplace.

2. Convenience
HUBBED collection points are open extended hours and with select 24/7 locations.

3. Control
With recent contactless initiatives like authority to leave, parcel theft is still on many consumers minds who live in locations without a designated drop off point. Instead, give them peace of mind by including another option that they control when and where to get their item delivered at a HUBBED collection point. With various collection points across Australia, consumers can skip the queue since less are people collecting in one location at the same time.

How it works for consumers?
When a consumer shops with a retailer using our plugin, they will see the Click & Collect button at the final stage of their purchase. Once the consumer enters their post code Collection points in the area can be selected.

Step 1: Shop online and add items to the cart
When you are ready to checkout, select HUBBED Click & Collect as the delivery method.

C&C Button On

Step 2: Enter suburb or postcode in the search bar to choose your HUBBED collection point.
Step 2 collection
Step 3: Select a HUBBED Collection point from the results

Step 3 - Select a HUBBED Collection Point [1]

Step 4: Complete checkout and wait for a notification confirmation

Click & Collect is just one way to continue growing the business and offering more choices for your customers, and its simple to setup and launch.

Last thoughts…
HUBBED has created a simple solution that allows retailers to offer a nationwide click and collect service for their customers, no carrier changes, easy integration into existing carts creating an added value services demanded by customers – what’s not to like?

Start your free 30 day trial today and grow your business. 

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